Belt Conveyors, Robotic Palletizers, Bagging Scales - Chantland MHS
Belt Conveyors, Robotic Palletizers, Bagging Scales - Chantland MHS
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Belt Conveyors

belt conveyors

Chantland-MHS Belt Conveyors handle the heavy lifting. Our Belt Conveyors minimize the labor required to move products. Whether you need a Bag Conveyor, Belt Conveyor, Pallet Conveyor or a custom solution, learn why Chantland-MHS is the preferred conveyor manufacturer.

Bagging Machines

bagging scales

Maximized packaging rates with repeatable results. From improving work conditions to getting the job done fast and efficient, Chantland-MHS FIBC Filling Systems, Valve Bags and Bag Fillers help you get the job done right. Find the Chantland-MHS bagging equipment fit perfect your business.


robotic palletizers

Minimize your risks and increase production! Chantland provides conventional and robotic palletizing equipment with maximum efficiency. The Fuji Robotic Palletizers ease the stacking and storage process, while the conventional Bag Palletizer includes the steps needed to properly flatten and shape bags.

About Chantland MHS

conveyor manufacturers  Chantland-MHS Co. has been a leader in the manufacturing of belt conveyors, robotic palletizers, bagging scales and more since 1943. Chantland-MHS products improve the efficiency, productivity and competitive position of our customers world wide.
  The company specializes in the design, manufacture, and system integrations of bulk, belt, package, and belt conveyors. Specialization also remains with bagging/filling machines, FIBC fillers, conventional conveyors/palletizers and the Fuji robotic palletizers. More


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